Sameh has always had a burning passion for design, ever since he read engineering at Cambridge and was enraptured by the aesthetics of Jesus College Chapel which he could view from the window of his first year accommodation. The years he later spent as a banker in London made his yearning for his vocation as designer even stronger. In 1999 he left finance to set up the design agency known to the world as Tavola Rasa, thereby ensuring that his work and passion never again inhabit different worlds.

Sameh has undertaken large private commission projects in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Greece. His pieces have also found homes in London, Paris, New York and Brussels and soon in Moscow.

Sameh divides his time between London, and wherever his design pieces have a new home.

Sameh runs a risk management advisory business in China called China-i. You can find him on here. In his spare time Sameh is also a writer, film maker, commentator and has written for the Daily Telegraph newspaper as well Beyond Black in London.