Art and Design as F(unctional)urniture ©

All my works are informed by my Theory of “Art and Design as F(unctional)urniture®”. As such, their concepts can be considered as empirical experiments in contemporary art and design. The resulting physical pieces are therefore the “data” which test my theory. The pieces are either unique pieces or come in limited editions of often no more than 9 multiples.

My pieces are imbued with heavy artistic and design content. The premise of the Theory is that, in all manner of objects used by humans for their mental and physical wellbeing, artistic and design content must be in equilibrium with the need for functionality. This is essential for our long term happiness. It is this balance that has remained elusive in furniture and is one of the challenges that Post-Modernism seemed to have passed over. The idea was for Art and Design to become functional furniture and that neither aspect was to stifle the other. Basically the piece can be both art and furniture.

My pieces are all made and finished by hand with emphasis on taking handmaking methods to the extreme in creating increasingly technically challenging pieces.. They are design objects with a high degree of functionality, where contemporary aesthetics meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. As expounded in the Theory, they are also my Art. They are my medium for artistic expression and through them I express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions, as well as a whole range of emotions. The pieces shown here are some of the latest design outputs of my workshops. When pieces are made, they are either as one-offs or as part of a limited series with a common theme.

The Accessories apply the Theory at more personal level, providing users with design and art that they can wear on their person.

As for some of my day job, I run a risk management advisory business in China called China-i. You can find me on here